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| andy attiliis's career formally began in the creative departments of several advertising agencies | at different times during that 14 year period he worked as a designer, illustrator, copywriter, art director and creative director | in each of those positions he received awards for for print communications | for television art direction, attiliis also won recognition from the Clio Awards | since 1981, he has delivered all of the above mentioned functions in varying combinations on a freelance basis | a selected list of multi-service projects is provided herein the contents section |
____| in recent years andy's offerings have grown to include writing articles, developing a class and teaching organizations about the creative process for communications for branding for the rest of us |
____| all told, he has nearly 4 decades of hands-on experience providing creative services | as a teenager he was hired to design messages for t-shirts | at Virginia Commonwealth University he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Arts and Design, served as art director of VCU's yearbook and as designer / illustrator for the literary magazine |

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