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| to see the comprehensive nature of this offering and to compare it with other such training, attiliis's class outline is provided below | it will also help you discover why such methods work so well for so many individuals and organizations | those who have come to suspect that creative strategies of the mega-budgeted are not for the rest of us– because their reach and resources are so different from ours | certainly for the vast majority of advertisers (that's us again) | getting communications on the right track right now requires a much different balance of efforts than those used by the Fortune 100 | one that's more streamlined, costs far less to maintain and guarantees increased recognition with each new exposure |
______| no longer is there reason for an organization of any size to go without productive messaging | especially now that andy's training can be delivered anywhere in the world in a couple of ways in a couple of days |

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contents branding design illustration writing about andy attiliis

v. creative direction

—analyze the current creative status |

—provide customized Creative Tools Folder |

—guide development of concepts |

—teach students how to render and present thumbnail concepts |

—recommend winning creative solution to client |

—gather costs based on approved thumbnail |

—fine tune everything |

vi. art direction

—provide thumbnail ideas when needed |

—supply costs for all visual aspects of project |

—adhere to art direction recorded in Standards Brief |

—direct design |

—direct image making |

—record indispensable details of visual development for future use |

vii. copy writing

—provide thumbnail ideas when needed |

—supply costs for all aspects of copy writing |

—adhere to copy direction recorded in Standards Brief |

—write copy |

—record indispensable details of copy development for future use |

viii. design

—provide thumbnail ideas when needed |

—adhere to design direction recorded in Standards Brief |

—develop composition |

—develop typography |

—prepare design for reproduction |

—record indispensable details of design development for future use |

ix. image making

—provide thumbnail ideas when needed |

—develop and finish illustration |

—develop and finish photograph |

—develop and finish montage |

—find image |

—unique style enhancement |

x. production

—provide thumbnail ideas when needed |

—gather specific details needed to produce the project |

—supply costs for production |

—manage production |

—record indispensable details of production for future use |

xi. summation

______| in class you will continue to see that the development of effective long term branded communications is not rocket science | it is just a series of logical steps that need your undivided attention | done correctly, this process will keep a message so creatively considerate that your potential audience can't help but notice | eventually they will digest your words, come to believe in their integrity and remember who you are when they are ready to act on or buy the offering |
______| to the great relief of many, you'll also learn that creativity for communication purposes is about problem-solving– not deep soul-searching fine art | that is, given the right tools and ways to work, everyone who is willing is also capable of developing a clear, exciting and memorable message. In addition, once the creative functions are in place and working, a well conceived solution will get progressively easier to enhance and maintain | it will have the flexibility to accommodate a message revision, upgrade or expansion without losing established recognition |
______| without doubt, andy's experience has produced a practical means to building a productive relationship with any audience |

xii. follow-up

—post-training support |

—exercise evaluations |

special note: To best fit the needs of you or your group, each class is subject to customizations. Such upgrades will be based on information gathered from pretraining consultation with your authorized representative |

______back to top

| class title:

creative process for communications
for branding for the rest of us

| for many years, marketing studies have shown that strong branding must be a top goal of the creative process– that before optimum commercial success can be achieved, an audience must repeatedly recognize a message and what it promises |

i. overview

| this class is based on the creative process for communications that has been used by ad agencies for decades | for best results it covers all of the creative functions: job origination, creative direction, copy writing, art direction, design and image making | into these traditional proven functions, attiliis has woven in the extra methodology needed to ensure efficient creation, maximum acceleration and protective maintenance of branding | in addition, this training's information and materials are dispensed in a way that makes sure any scenario can achieve worthwhile results | even a potential creative / marketing team of one is capable of gaining the knowledge and confidence needed to manage the entire development of a communications project | done well, even their first-effort can ultimately become the guide for all future efforts |

| maximum success depends on understanding:

—why the vast majority of us should not try to mimic abilities of the world’s largest, most visible advertisers |

—the difference between branding and corporate visual identity |

—how to build credibility with your communications |

| the rewards are message memorability, momentum that stays on course, creative ability, capability to manage the creative process, confidence in existing messages and focused creative efficiency that saves both time and money |

ii. introductions

| your instructor is andy attiliis*

| students interview and introduce each other |

*andy attiliis's experience includes providing all creative functions during 14 years of employment by ad agencies and over 24 years working as a multi-service creative provider |

iii. creative functions

| this training promises a working knowledge of what needs to be delivered by each of the following creative functions | by following the steps described in this course, you will have the means to successfully fulfill the responsibilities of job originator on any communicatons product | additionally, whether you feel comfortable performing the other functions or decide to hire out, you will always have the knowledge necessary to determine what's needed next, cohesively guide its development and keep your organization's branding on course |

| the creative functions are as follows:

job origination:
gather/dispense relevant information, set branding
parameters and lead |

creative direction:
analyze creative status of brand, set creative parameters and inspire ideas |

copy writing:
select writing style, outline content and write copy |

art direction:
guide development of visual style and content |

position elements, develop color and specify typography |

image making:
illustrate, photograph, or otherwise create key visual(s) that satisfies art direction |

make ready all facets of message for reproduction and manage production company |

iv. job origination

—take full advantage of your client’s experience |

—gather all prior efforts including published messages and relevant branding samples |

—collect research data |

—suggest degree of creative license |

—use results of the above efforts to help complete a Job Information Form |

—present Job Info Form with a mind to inspire participants |

—test creative solution(s) |

—know when to let go |

branding introduction audience outline tools and exhibits benefits big picture class options scheduling and pricing more about the class testimonials
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