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| now you have both group training and individual training to choose from |
| both offerings teach the identical course content using the same materials |
| group training is taught in-person at your location |
| andy attiliis meets your group at the site of your choice | that could be your organization's conference room, a hotel meeting room or another appropriate environment | at the beginning of your class, each scheduled participant will receive a complete set of course materials to take home |
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| individual training is taught over the phone at your desk-top |
| andy attiliis delivers this training via your hands-free telephone and cd-player equipped computer. Internet access is preferred but not required | if needed, the long distance phone connection is provided by us | days in advance of your first training session, you will receive a complete set of course materials |
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| the course materials for both options include style guides, sequenced exhibits, form templates, creative tools, demo illustrations, exercises, post-training info and graphic standard briefs provided on a cd | in addition, you will receive a workbook copy of the classroom text with space for notes |

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