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| for those who are very interested, but still on the fence about this training, here are the essential questions you may need to answer for yourself |
| do you believe that people will best remember a look that changes, or one that remains the same? do you believe ever changing design that appeals to specific groups and situations works best? andy shows how only huge organizations like IBM, McDonalds and VW can do the latter without sacrificing a bit of recognition because they advertise everywhere all the time– which makes their brands indestructable | for the rest of us, however, he knows that it takes a consistent message delivered in a familiar visual style to make the most of whatever budget is available |
______ | another question you may want to ask is why learn the creative process for communications for the rest of us from attiliis? that's easy– because nobody else is teaching it | why? because few creative professionals have his hands-on experience and even fewer see a future in making the creative process more streamlined (including andy for many years) | his class finally came into being in the same way his career progressed | both moved forward in a comprehensive step-by-step manner | both are marked by career success and peer recognition | it could not have been otherwise | when he realized that an understanding of how all the creative functions effectively relate to one other required firsthand knowledge of each, he took the time to get it | then when he saw how much a course on the entire subject was needed, he flinched, sighed and developed it |

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contents branding design illustration writing about andy attiliis

| a good and quick idea of everything attiliis wants you to know is given in his class's title: creative process for communications for branding for the rest of us | everything's up front so folks will get what it means asap | which exemplifies much of what attiliis practices and teaches about messaging | the sooner they get it the sooner they'll remember enough to become interested | in detail, here's how andy's class came into being:
______because he never understood why ad agencies kept doing new things for the same clients before the old stuff had a chance to get noticed, he began taking notes describing job experiences |
______then came years of comparing those notes to find which methods for achieving exciting result-driven communication worked best | maintaining consistency, he came to see, was key to furthering an initiative's momentum and chances of success | andy also found that it's personal taste that jeapordizes consistency most often |
______further, he saw that few really knew how to stay on track at all. And no one had a clue how to stay on track, be compelling and save money all at the same time | so andy's goal, for what has turned out to be a 3-decade-long effort, was to define an understandable, productive, amiable and successful methodology for creative communications and branding | that ambition has grown in step with each new experience as his list of advertising agency positions came to include designer, illustrator, copy writer, art director and creative director |
______with a wide range of hands-on skills in his portfolio, attiliis began freelancing in 1981 | as new clients realized the potential of someone with so much ad agency experience, he was often asked to perform multiple creative functions on the same project | from those additional responsibilies came insights about the creative process and how it could be streamlined to the enth degree |

______then came the opportunity to write for a Web site featuring marketing and creative ideas | was andy's chance to focus and report on what he'd been doing for quite awhile | by now it was 1996 | during the next few years, he wrote over 160 articles and shorts based on work experiences as they related to the creative process and its functions* job origination, creative direction, art direction, copy writing, image making and design | this focused endeavor was rewarding | it became the foundation for the development of his class |
______is there another creative communications provider so committed to sharing the straight story about his profession? when considering all the expert-level skills that attiliis delivers on a routine basis, it is doubtful that there are more than a handful of creative providers like him anywhere | which begs one last question | who else has the capability, work history and willingness to tackle this subject in a meaningful way– a way in which both the largest and smallest organizations can benefit? please search the Web for yourself | we have and don't believe there is anything anywhere that even addresses the challenge of teaching such a subject | what andy delivers in a 12-hour class is all the information necessary to radically improve your process for creating communications as it relates to branding |
______if you've read this far, your creative juices must be stirring | to get them flowing rampantly, you should review more of andy's credentials | in addition to testimonials, you'll find over 600 samples of work grouped into 24 categories in the design and illustration sections of this Web site |

*Google, Yahoo and many other top search engines have also identified andy as having lots to share about his profession | for starters, they all link to at least 800 "andy attiliis" references | in addition, more than 60-each of their "creative function" keyword front pages link to IdeaSiteForBusiness where he writes about the efficient development of effective creative ideas |

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