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| the guarantee of achieving powerful branding consistency requires much more than agreement on logo direction | very often, attiliis helps strengthen branding after the logo is developed | that's why andy's training is never too late for those who want to maximize the value of their identity | and why his class, the creative process for communications for branding for the rest of us, can conveniently accommodate the logistics and challenges of most situations |

its audience includes everyone on the corporate ladder |

a class outline provides the means to compare other such offers |

tools, exhibits, a cd and post training consultation are included |

benefits begin with working knowledge of all the creative functions |

big pictures are here to guide a messaging direction for decades |

group and individual training– make this class possible for anyone |

read more about the class– why and how it came into being |

testimonials show that andy practices what he teaches |

schedule and price your training, or call for more information |

branding introduction audience outline tools and exhibits benefits big picture class options scheduling and pricing more about the class testimonials
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